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  • inetnum : -
  • name : AMAZO-CF
  • handle : NET-13-224-0-0-2
  • status : Reallocated
  • created : 1995-01-23
  • changed : 2020-03-31
  • organization :, Inc.
  • handle : AMAZON-4
  • address : Array,SEATTLE,WA,98101-1244,US
  • handle : AEA8-ARIN
  • name : Amazon EC2 Abuse
  • phone : +1-206-266-4064
  • email : [email protected]
Technical support
  • handle : ANO24-ARIN
  • name : Amazon EC2 Network Operations
  • phone : +1-206-266-4064
  • email : [email protected]
Domain Provider Number Of Domains 70666 23909 21896 12882 8721 6503 5640 5395 5309 5059

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  • Host name:
  • IP address:
  • Location: Seattle United States
  • Latitude: 47.6348
  • Longitude: -122.3451
  • Metro Code: 819
  • Timezone: America/Los_Angeles
  • Postal: 98109

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Transferring or Changing your Phone Number - Community Feb 09, 2021  · [Edited on March 9th, 2021 to include an updated number transfer process from TELUS/Koodo brands to Public Mobile. Customers porting in from TELUS Prepaid, TELUS Postpaid and Koodo Postpaid brands will now follow the same process as those porting in from other carriers, and will have to respond to...

How to port your number to Public Mobile - Community Typically, you can move your number if: It's an active mobile or landline number We have service in that area It's from a service provider in the same local calling area Number Portability is available in that area Tips for moving to Public Mobile Keep it live. Don't cancel your current servi...

Solved: Phone number transfer from speakout 7-eleven ... Hi there! I signed up for public mobile about two weeks ago and transferred my phone number from speakout 7-eleven. The problem that occured is, that speakout doesn't assign account numbers, they only use the phone number to keep track of their users. I am still not receiving calls and texts on my...

Solved: Transfer number from TextNow - Community Hi everybody, Is it possible to transfer a number from TextNow, which is basically a Voip, to Public mobile? In TextNow app, it is just a number and my name, and there is not any account number, address, etc to provide to PM so they can port my number. Any idea?

Solved: SIM card "already in use" registration error ... Hi, I just bought my first public mobile SIM card last week and tried to activate it online on a day when the website wasn't working properly. I got as far as choosing a telephone number when the next page failed to load. I had to stop the activation process to come back to it on another day. Since ...

Solved: What is the phone number for customer service ... I have a question regarding my account, but I cannot find the phone number to reach public mobile customer service. I called Telus to see if they could help, but they wouldn't. Could someone please tell me the number. 611 didn't give me an option to talk to someone either. Just automated options.

Solved: Annoying, persistent Android notification: "Sign i ... I've got a Moto G (first gen), Android 5.0.2, and a Public Mobile plan without data. Ever since upgrading to Android Lollipop, I routinely get a notification saying "Sign into network", particularly when I turn off or disconnect from wifi. If I dismiss the notification, it will just show up again la...

Solved: Moderator - Community Solved: I need help . I cat get into my account cause I’m locked out for the 3rd time . I also need a moderator to help me transfer my Telus number

Transferring your number to Public Mobile - Community Dec 29, 2014  · Typically, you can move your number if: It's an active mobile or landline number We have service in that area It's from a service provider in the same local calling area Number Portability is available in that area Tips for moving to Public Mobile Keep it live. Don't cancel your current ser...

Solved: Can't Add an APN Setting - Community It is absolutely ridiculous that PM does not push APN settings to a device and even more assine that you lock the APN settings so that users can't add them manually. I bought a new phone and can't use the data I'm paying for because of this nonsense. So you need to resolve this of give me my money...

Solved: Telephone repeatly call number 9025804001 by itsel ... I justed activated Public Mobile Plan: "$10 / 30 days / 50 minutes / 50 texts" in a Walmart store a few days ago. I check "my usage" on Public Mobile web site and found that my phone is calling a number 9025804001 by itself repeatedly, also it showed that I have used 5 minutes of my 50 monthly minut...

Solved: Retrieving data from a flip phone - Community Hello fellow PublicMobilers, I have a question which is in regards to retriving data from a filp phone. CAN all the text messages, contacts, and photos be retrived from such a phone? I have that same free SIM card of a few years back and only need to purchase that Blackberry Q10. Once I p...

Solved: how can i cancel my account - Community Hello, The surest way of cancelling your service is to stop making payments. On the 91st day after payment is due, your account will be automatically deactivated and deleted.

How do I know if my phone will work on the Public ... Public Mobile works on following frequencies: For 3G use (UMTS/HSPA): 850MHz/1900MHz bands For 4G/LTE use: 1700MHz/2100MHz bands For 4G/LTE use: 700 MHz band Which means most of the 3G,4G HSPA/ LTE phones that are compatible with these frequencies will work on Public Mobile. If …

How do I set up data/APN on my smartphone? - Community Dec 23, 2014  · In this page, you will find Public Mobile APN Settings for your smartphone. Step by Step APN configuration Step1: Android Settings > More / More Networks / Wireless & Networks > Mobile Networks > Access Point Names > New APN setting (or a plus sign) Blackberry OS 10 - …

Solved: Data not working - Community - Public Mobile Solved: I currently have the LG Flex and my data ia not working did the apn setup like tje forum recommended still nothing please help.

how to cancel service and get refund? - Community PM is prepaid service, only way to cancel it, don't renew your service for 90 days, the account will be deactivated after that period, you'll also loose any positive balance in …

Solved: Roaming not working in the US - Community Hello there seems to be a problem with roaming to th USA on my account. my wife is also with public mobile and I loaded her account without any issue. It is working for her. yes, I loaded money in my account and then added the add on. Yes the add on shows up as being activated. i have a b...

Where can I buy payment vouchers? - Community You may locate retailers who sell Payment Vouchers in the updated list below In the Greater Toronto Area you can contact the nearest store locations of the following retailers and ask them if they sell Public Mobile Payment Vouchers as well as which denominations they currently have in stock: Es...

Solved: Sign Into Network - Community - Public Mobile Recently, whenever I turn on my data (3G) it tells me I have to sign into my network? I pay for data every month and am NOT maxed out this month, but I can't "sign into my network" and my data isn't working. I've got a first gen moto G and I've upgraded to Lollipop (its been a long time since then) ...

How to view latest Bill Statement and usage for th ... When you login to your self-serve account, click on the "Plans and Add Ons tab" and at the far right, just underneath your account number, there is a tab "Usage History", Click on that, and you will be able to see your usage history for up to the past 90 days.

Solved: How do I move my cell phone number to Public Mobil ... Dec 29, 2014  · The phone number you want to transfer must still be active with your current service provider. Once the transfer has been processed your account with old service provider will be deactivated. For Wireless - Provide either one of the three pieces of account information from your old service provider...

PUK Code - Community Dec 27, 2016  · 1234 doesn't work, as the PUK Code is 8 digits. I think 1234 is the default PIN number though. Unfortunately it'd probably take the same amount of time to wait for a new SIM compared to getting the PUK code, so I may as well wait.

Solved: Messaging problems - Community It is a known issue on some accounts. I have had this happen to me 3 times. It will usually self resolve in 24 hours, but you can also create a trouble ticket to have the moderators look into it for you.

Samsung galaxy a10e - Community Just trying to figure out if an unlocked Samsung Galaxy A10E Model # SM-A102WZKAXAC is compatible with Public Mobile? I checked the phone compatibility link on the Public Mobile website and it does not even show up. Help would be appreciated. Thanks!

Solved: Will Google's new Pixel 4a work on Public Mobile ... Google has released a new Pixel 4a Phone. The Canadian press release says it will be compatible with Telus (PM Parent Network). Can we safely assume it will work so we can pre-order now. Thanks

Solved: Text From PM About Changes To Manitoba Prepaid Net ... I just received the following text now: "Public Mobile here. As of March 16, 2021, our Prepaid network in Manitoba will be changing and select areas of Winnipeg and Brandon may experience reduced voice coverage. Data speeds will remain unaffected. In order to maintain the best voice coverage after ...

Solved: Data Stopped working on Moto G6 - Community Wife's phone... Android 9 on Moto G6. Everything was working fine until a few days ago when mobile data stopped working. Talk and text still working fine as is wifi. Settings show mobile network is Public mobile and show as connected but there's a very tiny 'x' in the mobile signal level status ...

Invoices - Community As you all know (or for those who don't), Public Mobile doesn't issue any invoices when you pay, nor give you any receipts. In the past, I never had any need for invoices until the past couple of years when I started to do some freelancing at the side. Since then, I started to need invoices. I read ...

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