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Nature Canada


Member-Based Environmental Organization

Nature Canada is a member-based environmental organization headquartered in Ottawa, Ontario. Its supporters include more than 100,000 individuals and over 800 affiliated organizations, including local and provincial naturalist clubs.

Founded: 1939

Headquarters: Ottawa, Canada

Founder: Reginald Whittemore

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Nature Canada We believe that when the heart is engaged, the mind and body will follow. That is why, since our founding in 1939, Nature Canada has been connecting Canadians to nature, trying to instil in them a nature ethic – a respect for nature, an appreciation for its wonders, and the will to act in nature’s defense.

Nature Canada Save our Birds. Canada’s birds need your help. There are three billion fewer birds in North America today than 50 years ago. Much of these losses are caused by human activities – from predation by domestic cats, to window and car collisions.

Nature Canada Mar 31, 2020  · At a time when Albertans’ attention is focused on coming together to flatten the COVID-19 curve, Nature Canada finds itself having to defend the province’s environment and endangered species in court. On March 4, 2020, the province’s top court agreed to hear submissions from environmental groups and Indigenous communities defending the federal Impact Assessment Act. […]

Nature Canada The benefits of spending time in nature are endless. Daily contact with nature has a positive impact on our social, psychological and physical health, and is an important factor to keep us connected to our natural environment. In the last few decades humans have become more sedentary, and less inclined to spend time in nature. […]

Nature Canada This blog is written by Steve Gahbauer, who has been regularly contributing Nature Notes for many years. Canada’s wildlife is in peril. From bees to birds, butterflies, boreal caribou, polar bears, whales, turtles and salamanders – species are in decline. Sea levels are rising, putting low elevation islands at risk of flooding. Sooner or later […]

Nature Canada About Nature Canada. Nature Canada was founded in 1939 because of the passion and initiative of Mabel Frances Whittemore, a teacher and nature lover whose main goal in life was to share her passion for nature with others.

Nature Canada This is a guest blog by Dr. TA Loeffler who is one of our newest Women for Nature. She is an experienced educator, explorer, nature advocate, and author. TA research focuses on the value of being out in nature over the life span. She has received much international and national recognition for her innovative teaching […]

Nature Canada This post was written by BC-based guest blogger Sharon Bamber ( I live in a straw bale off-grid home. My husband Simon and I designed it and built it together from the ground up, with no special tools, no help from paid contractors (except for the final roofing) and no prior construction experience. It was […]

Nature Canada The Canadian Wildlife Health Co-operative (CWHC) has published a new technical report called “Strategies to Prevent and Control Bird-Feeder Associated Diseases and Threats.” The report was prompted by the widespread trichomonosis outbreak in 2017 that extended from Ontario to Newfoundland and Labrador. This and other bird feeder associated diseases and threats generate a great deal […]

Nature Canada Dec 22, 2015  · Is there an owl in your neighbourhood? Probably. Some can be found almost anywhere with trees, even in the city! Even so, owls are famously mysterious. Many people have never seen one in the wild. Winter is a great time to look because the bare …

Nature Canada With more than 80 percent of Canadians living in urban centres, we are unfortunately becoming less connected to nature. This is having a huge impact on humans, particularly children.

Nature Canada Nov 26, 2018  · About Nature Canada: Nature Canada is the country’s oldest conservation charity and has more than 90,000 members and supporters. Since 1939 the organization has worked to protect 63 million acres of parks and wildlife areas in Canada and countless species that depend on this habitat.

Nature Canada This blog was written by Nature Canada guest blogger Dylan Moskowitz. On this World Environment Day, we are discussing sustainability, food waste in Canada, and the impact that is has on our environment. Unfortunately, sustainability isn’t so easily defined when it comes to its relationship with the global environment, as we have the tendency to understand […]

Nature Canada [two_third] The Miawpukek First Nation in Conne River, Newfoundland, is one of the most economically successful First Nations in Canada. This Mi’kmaw community places a high value on traditional values, including canoe-building and handicrafts. Gros Morne National Park helped change our understanding of the world. The park’s outstanding geology includes visible protrusions of the Earth’s ...

Nature Canada Oct 15, 2018  · One of our main focuses is protecting endangered species. As a result of hard work and your support, the federal government was encouraged to establish the Species at Risk Act, protecting over 200 species. Read more about what is currently happening with species at risk in Canada.

Nature Canada How the logging industry’s unregulated carbon emissions undermine Canada’s climate goals Forests are crucial in the fight against climate change. They act as giant carbon vaults, storing away in their wood, leaves, mosses and soil twice as much carbon than is found in all currently accessible oil reserves . Forests continuously add to this vault […]

Reports and Publications - Nature Canada Check out reports on various topics related to the work we are doing for nature. From bird conservation to education, we have materials available for you to download. Annual Reports 2019/2020 Annual Report Download Financial Statement 2018/2019 Annual Report Download Financial Statement 2017/2018 Annual Report Download Financial Statement 2016/2017 Annual Report Download Financial …

Nature Canada We are discussing sustainability, food waste in Canada, and the impact that is has on our environment. Unfortunately, sustainability isn’t so easily defined when it comes to its relationship with the global environment, as we have the tendency to understand sustainability only on a superficial level.

Nature Canada Lara recently graduated from the University of Victoria, having spent her degree in search of adventure in the beautiful wilderness that defines our country, and a career in which she could work to protect those same species and landscapes that she loves. Growing up on the west coast to a well-travelled family, there was no […]

Nature Canada Vital Signs. Common name: Eastern Cougar Latin name: Puma concolor couguar Status under SARA: Data Deficient.In 1978, the eastern subspecies was declared endangered by COSEWIC assessment.The status was re-examined in 1998, and the animal was designated “data deficient” because there was not enough data to evaluate the status of the animal or its classification as a subspecies.

Nature Canada As the weather gets cooler, you may notice some birds starting to head south. However, the Blue Jay is one feathered friend we will see year round across Canada. Here are some facts about the Blue Jay you may not know – some of which you may find downright strange! Blue Jay Description Common name: […]

Nature Canada Vital Signs. Common name: Narwhal Latin name: Monodon monoceros Status under SARA: No status, 2004 COSEWIC assessment: Special Concern. Range: Arctic Ocean – Baffin Bay and Hudson Bay Life Span: Thought to be up to 50 years, but most Narwhals do not live past 30. Size: Males can grow to 5.40 m and 1935 kg; females can grow to 4.94 m and 1552 kg. ...

Nature Canada Today is National Tree Day and to celebrate, we wanted to let you know a little bit more about your provincial or territorial tree! As you know, in Canada there are 10 provinces and 3 territories. Each one of these has an official tree except for Nunavut. Even Canada has an official national tree! Below […]

Nature Canada Dec 17, 2018  · Easily recognizable by its iridescent feathers, the Tree Swallow is a treat for anyone fortunate enough to have these magnificent songbirds on their property. As such, many Canadians provide housing for the Tree Swallow in the spring – a necessity for the cavity-nesting swallow that cannot dig their own holes. Unfortunately, improper stewardship techniques often […]

Nature Canada Nov 26, 2020  · Nature Canada’s Naturalist Director and resident bird expert, Ted Cheskey was asked to locate a possible crow roost — following the tips from a local citizen.. This is what he found: CBC All in a Day, November 11. Crows are one of the most intelligent species of birds — with some crows having a bigger brain to body proportion than humans do!

Nature Canada The Hummingbird Moth got its name due to being a Hummingbird mimic. This species has a number of factors that relate it to the life of a Hummingbird - find out below!

2018: The Year to See Alberta's Wild Horses - Nature Canada The following is a guest blog from one of Women for Nature members, Sandy Sharkey who is a photographer and nature explorer by heart. Growing up, she spent countless hours catching frogs, saving baby birds, and pouring over every page of the complete Funk and Wagnalls Wildlife Encyclopedia series… dreaming about seeing each and every one of the […]

Awards & Scholarships - Nature Canada Oct 11, 2018  · Nature Canada’s awards and scholarships honour those who have stepped up to do their part to protect wildlife and our natural world. You can learn more about our awards and scholarships below as well as how you can nominate someone or apply yourself today!

Nature Canada Chances are, when you think about your “happy” place, it is somewhere in a natural setting. Why is that? Research shows that exposure to nature is correlated with improved well-being and a stronger sense of belonging. Both of these factors contribute not only to our quality of life, but also to our morbidity and even mortality!. Time in nature has quantifiable physiologica l effects ...

Nature Canada A NATURE CANADA WEBINAR Have you heard the term Nature-Based Climate Solutions (NBCS) lately and are wondering what...

Nature Canada Why the Federal Budget Will Decide if Canada Is Serious About Protected Areas as Nature Faces Greater Risks Every Day

Nature Canada Vital Signs. Common name: Grizzly Bear Latin name: Ursus Arctos Status under SARA: Currently no status under SARA. The 2012 COSEWIC Assessment designated the species under Special Concern. Range: The Grizzly Bear can be found in all three Canadian territories, in addition to British Columbia, Alberta, northern Saskatchewan, northeast Manitoba and as well as a few places in the southwest ...

Nature Canada The howl of a wolf. No other sound instantly evokes that powerful sense of the wild. But there’s much more to the Algonquin Wolf than its iconic call. Where do they live? The Algonquin Wolf is found in the mixed coniferous-deciduous forests of the Great Lakes and St. …

Nature Canada Parks Canada has reached an agreement to purchase the approximately 1300 hectare Driftwood Cove property directly North of Bruce Peninsula National Park on the Georgian Bay coast. The property will be incorporated into the Bruce Peninsula National Park and contribute to conservation of UNESCO’s Niagara Escarpment World Biosphere Reserve, a 725 km corridor from Lake […]

Nature Canada The Spring Peeper is distinguished by a dark X on the back. The Western Chorus Frog has three dark continuous or broken lines down the back. The Gray Treefrog has a light spot with a dark border under each eye and bright orange/yellow inner thighs.

Nature Canada Its brilliantly coloured beak and piercing eye suggest a parrot, while its black and white plumage and stately waddle are reminiscent of a penguin. However, the Atlantic Puffin has a charm all its own. This month’s Nature Canada calendar shows you why this beautiful resident of eastern Canada is near the top of every birder’s […]

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