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  • Domain created: 2009-05-21T22:25:39Z
  • Domain updated: 2020-10-30T04:56:43Z
  • Domain expires: 2026-05-21T22:25:39Z 5 Years, 32 Days left
  • Website age: 11 Years, 332 Days
  • Registrar Domain ID: D156207713-LROR
  • Registrar Url:
  • Registrar WHOIS Server:
  • Registrar Abuse Contact Email: [email protected]
  • Registrar Abuse Contact Phone: +1.2083895740
  • Name server:
    • NS-1142.AWSDNS-14.ORG
    • NS-325.AWSDNS-40.COM
    • NS-1731.AWSDNS-24.CO.UK
    • NS-980.AWSDNS-58.NET

  • inetnum : -
  • name : AMAZO-ZPDX
  • handle : NET-44-224-0-0-1
  • status : Reallocated
  • created : 2011-05-10
  • changed : 2020-03-31
  • organization :, Inc.
  • handle : AMAZO-47
  • address : Array,Seattle,WA,98144,US
Technical support
  • handle : ANO24-ARIN
  • name : Amazon EC2 Network Operations
  • phone : +1-206-266-4064
  • email : [email protected]
  • handle : AEA8-ARIN
  • name : Amazon EC2 Abuse
  • phone : +1-206-266-4064
  • email : [email protected]
Domain Provider Number Of Domains 70666 23909 21896 12882 8721 6503 5640 5395 5309 5059

Host Informations

  • Host name:
  • IP address:
  • Location: Boardman United States
  • Latitude: 45.8491
  • Longitude: -119.7143
  • Metro Code: 810
  • Timezone: America/Los_Angeles
  • Postal: 97818

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[MULE-14736] Custom scheduler shutdown from a thread from ... This may lead to a memory leak of the scheduler's thread group when a scheduler is being cancelled from within one of its threads. This seems to be a common way for reactor to handle some situations.

[MULE-1296] environment-properties, system-property and ... Mule; MULE-1296; environment-properties, system-property and file-properties can't resolve system variables correctly.

[MULE-11042] IllegalStateException is thrown when doing a ... ^CSignal trapped. Details: signal number=2 (SIGINT), source= "unknown" INT trapped. Shutting down. wrapperStopProcess(0) called. Sending stop signal to JVM send a packet STOP : NULL Received a packet STOP : Thread, Wrapper-Connection, handling the shutdown process.calling listener.stop() Waiting for WrapperListener.stop runner thread to complete.

[MULE-12594] HTTP Listener: cannot create listeners for ... Mule; MULE-12594; HTTP Listener: cannot create listeners for paths when one starts with the other

[MULE-7499] Round Robin: On exception, retry with ... Use case: Round Robin is being used to distribute the load over multiple instance of a single web service. If a instance was down, an alternative instance would need to be retried.

MuleRuntimeException (mule-runtime-project 4.1.0-SNAPSHOT API) MuleRuntimeException Is the base runtime exception type for the Mule Server any other runtimes exceptions thrown by Mule code will use or be based on this exception. Runtime exceptions in mule are only ever thrown where the method is not declared to throw an exception and the exception is serious.

[MULE-9726] HTTP Listener doesn't support URI parameter at ... I'm unable to set up an HTTP listener to receive URI parameters at the end of the request path. I believe this worked in prior versions. Example:

[MULE-14399] Expression error when accessing Json payload ... Having the following configuration. <flow name= "set-payload-typed-value" > <set-payload value= "#[{value : 1}]" mimeType= "application/json" encoding= "UTF-8 ...

[MULE-14558] Unclear error with missing parameter in ... WrapperManager: Initializing... INFO 2018-01-26 17:52:54,458 [WrapperListener_start_runner] org.mule.runtime.module.launcher.MuleContainer: ***** * Mule Runtime and ...

[MULE-1455] Example showing how to use Mule with a BPEL ... Mule can integrate with a BPEL Engine using standard SOAP web services (i.e., no special connector is required). We need a simple example to illustrate how this can be done.

[MULE-8743] Mule registry failing to lookup sub-flows ... When trying to do the following ``` context.getRegistry().lookupObjects(SubflowMessageProcessorChainFactoryBean.class); ``` Over a context that has been created with ...

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[MULE-8307] HTTP requester throws timeout errors with POST ... MULE-8444 HTTP connector throws null payload / timeout exception, about 1 in 100,000 under load test.. Closed

[MULE-382] Failed to route event via endpoint, eventhough ... I am trying to use ESB to post a message to a jms queue, here is the senerio that I am implementing: 1) I have one jboss running where a jms queue exists "jms ...

[MULE-13233] TLS configuration fails because of global ... <?xml version= "1.0" encoding= "UTF-8" ?> <mule xmlns:tls = "" xmlns:http = "" xmlns ...

[HTTPC-116] Error on sending response when the client ... Prod Eng - ACDC 03/11, Prod Eng - Black Sabbath 03/25 Description. If there is an error while processing an HTTP request, for example, a Broken Pipe and the client ...

[MULE-2240] Failed to route event via endpoint ... Same configuration file which we have in our Webapp application - webapp/conf/mule-hello-config.xml & mule-echo-config.xml

[MULE-8346] HTTP Request returns 401 when given correct ... <?xml version= "1.0" encoding= "UTF-8" ?> <mule xmlns:http = "" xmlns:file = "" xmlns ...

[MULE-12844] Embedded container cannot delete folder when ... When stopping the embedded container, it tries to perform a deleteTree in the container base folder. In Windows, the deletion is not successful, so the next time a container is started it cannot create the domains/default folder.

[MULE-13683] Problem with sending the email using by Email ... Mule; MULE-13683; Problem with sending the email using by Email connector

[MULE-8371] Content-Type header not set in new HTTP ... Adding a new parameter inside the HTTP Request does not seem to work. Had to use a Set Property prior the call to set Content-Type to application/json

[MULE-12822] Mule CSV Parsing does not follow RFC-4180 ... RFC-4180 is the closest thing to a standard that CSV has. Mule's CSV parsing model seems to not be capable of parsing RFC-4180 compliant CSV files. Specifically, it handles quotes and escapes in a different way than the standard.

element <alias> (global) | XML Schema Documentation Defines an alias for a bean (which can reside in a different definition resource).

[MULE-8196] Listener 503 responses do not include an ... Mule; MULE-8196; Listener 503 responses do not include an informative http body.

[MULE-13839] When loading extension models resolving ... Currently some dependencies that may be provided later by the user as sharedDependencies (drivers) are being added to the connector's pom.xml file as provided dependencies, which may or may not be necessary for using the connector (depending on which connection providers are used for example).

[MULE-10439] "filename" parameter not added to content ... According to RFC-7578 a filename parameter should be added if a filename parameter is provided as a form parameter. Therefore, the content disposition header should look like the following

[MULE-6331] Client so_timeout is replaced by ... I was testing a simple forwarding HTTP application which received a message on port 8081, sent it to 8083, waited for response and sent it back (request-response type).

[MULE-6345] logic 'and' doesn't work in choice expression ... Considering this case: <code> <choice doc:name="Choice"> <when expression="message.payload contains 'a'"> <processor-chain> <logger message="Is a" level="INFO" doc ...

Nexus Repository Manager Nexus Repository Manager OSS 2.14.19-01 Loading Nexus UI...

Namespace "" | XML ... expression-recipient-list-router: Sends the same message to multiple endpoints over the same endpoint, or implements routing-slip behavior where the next destination for the message is determined from message properties or the payload.

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