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  • phone : +63-2-8953548
  • fax : +63-2-8905721
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  • admin-c : WINA1-AP
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Order of the National Scientist - NAST In 2003, EO 236 was signed by President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. It codified the system of Philippine Orders and State Decorations, and elevated the standing of the National Scientists into the Order of National Scientists, with the Order defined as such:

NAST Members Dr. Cesar L. Villanoy was recognized for his significant research contributions in the field of physical oceanography that have contributed to an understanding of ocean circulation and variability of the seas around and within the Philippines.

NAST Members Dr. Mudjekeewis D. Santos has significant contributions to the advancement of fisheries science and governance in the Philippines, particularly in the areas of aquatic species genetics, molecular immunology, assessment, biodiversity, biotechnology, climate change, and policy, which were translated into management actions and interventions that helped attain sustainable fisheries, biodiversity ...

Members - NAST Dr. Ramond Girard M. Tan is recognized for his significant research contributions in Process Systems Engineering and Process Integration, particularly the development of novel methodologies for computer-aided planning of sustainable industrial systems, as well as the application of these tools to contemporary national, regional and global sustainability issues, ranging from the planning of ...

Members - NAST Dr. William G. Padolina is recognized for his significant contributions in the field of natural products chemistry, coconut chemistry, biotechnology and in management of research and development.

NAST Members Dr. Jose O. Juliano is recognized for his outstanding contributions in nuclear chemistry and physics and in the establishment of the nuclear and radioisotope facilities in the country.

Members - NAST Dr Mahar Mangahas is a multi-awarded scholar for his pioneering work in public opinion research in the Philippines and in South East Asia. He founded the now familiar entity, “Social Weather Stations” (SWS) which has been doing public opinion research since 1985 and which has become increasingly influential, nay indispensable, in the conduct of Philippine political life and policy.

NAST Members Dr. Alvin B. Culaba is recognized for his pioneering and significant contributions in the area of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) theory and applications, renewable energy systems and alternative energy and cleaner production and technology.

Members - NAST Dr. Baldomero Olivera is recognized for his significant achievements in understanding the complex nature of the neurotoxic venoms of marine snails at the physical, biochemical and molecular levels.

Members - NAST Dr. Ernesto J. del Rosario is recognized for his outstanding research contributions in physical chemistry and industrial biotechnology. Dr. del Rosario, the country’s leading expert in biofuels, is known for his pioneering R& D work on novel and practical ethanol fermentation processes using various substrates which include saccharine substrates, novel starch substrates such as cassava ...

Members - NAST “A Balancing Act”, The micro-vascular disease relevance in myocyte apoptosis or hypertrophy role in remodeling UMED: Hypertension workbook; Chronic Heart Failure Guidelines’ Recommendations: Is the problem limited to implementation or also to presentation?

Members - NAST Dr. Rex Victor O. Cruz has significant contribution to the practice of watershed management in the country, which advanced its application to the integrated management of forest, soil and water resources.

Members - NAST Dr. Raymundo's specialization covers microbial genetics, industrial microbiology and biotechnology. A pioneer in the application of biotechnology o agriculture in the philippines, she has worked in areas of microbiology ranging from crop pathogens to antibiotic producers, microorganisms in extreme environments and single cell proteins.

Members - NAST Dr. Alfredo Mahar Francisco A. Lagmay was recognized for his significant and pioneering research contributions toward understanding the multi-faceted aspects of natural hazards, including volcanic hazards, tectonics, persistent scatter interferometry of faulted regions, and natural hazards management, particularly as they apply to the Philippines.

Members - NAST He started negotiations with the US National Science Foundation to bring the Internet into the country. Dr. Torres also directed the planning and implementation of government-wide IT programs and projects of the National Computer Center as the Resource and Learning Center of …

NAST Members Dr. Cesar A. Saloma is recognized for his outstanding researches and accomplishments in the field of instrumentation physics that have resulted in the development of new techniques and methods of measuring physical signals, signal sampling and reconstruction.

Members - NAST Dr. Eduardo A. Padlan is a biophysicist and x-ray crystallographer recognized for his outstanding contributions and accomplishments in biophysics, specifically the elucidation of the 3-D structure of hemoglobin and antibodies in relation to their evolution and function.

Members - NAST Renowned Filipino leprologist and researcher. Dr. Rodriguez devoted 53 years to the control of leprosy in the country. As one of the very few pioneers in the early fight against leprosy all over the world, he proposed a control program which was not only adopted in …

List of National Scientist - NAST Trono, Gavino C. Ph. D. Marine Botany, Seaweed Biodiversity, Taxonomy, Ecology and Culture Biological Sciences

National Scientist - NAST For her achievements, Dr. Sylianco received the Gregorio Y. Zara award, 1977; UP Endowment Professorial Chair in Chemistry, 1974-1977; and was Fellow of the Royal Society, 1958.

National Scientist - NAST Dr. Velasco’s pioneering and promising works in various areas of plant physiology such as mineral nutrition, photoperiodism, chemical weed control and plant growth in general, have provided the basis of some important crop production management practices as well as laid out research directions.

National Scientist - NAST Dr. Zara's important achievements include: the invention of two-way television telephone, electrical kinetic resistance known as the Zara effect, airplane engine using alcohol as fuel which was first flown at the Manila International Airport on September 30, 1954 and solar energy.

National Scientist - NAST As plant breeder, Dr. Umali specialized in the breeding of rice, corn, abaca and mussaenda. His research output and writings paved the way for the launching of programs of rainfed and upland agriculture, social forestry, environment conservation and rural poverty.

National Scientist - NAST Most important studies done: The Philippine Pumplini, Poemeniini, Rhyssini and Xoridini (Hymenoptera, Ichneumonidae, Pimplinae), 1961, 130pp. The study of Philippine specimens in the above four tribes yielded 68 species and 18 subspecies which were described in 18 genera.

Members - NAST Dr. Fabian M. Dayrit is recognized for his significant achievements in the field of chemistry, spectroscopy and environmental science which have contributed to the …

National Scientist - NAST Dr. Escuro has 18 honors and awards to his name. These include two Presidential awards, Presidential Plaque of Merit for outstanding accomplishments in rice improvement (1967) and Rizal Pro Patria award for outstanding contribution to rice breeding and genetics.

National Scientist - NAST Dr.Ramirez was holder of the SEARCA Professorial Chair for Genetics (1974-76), and recipient of the Gregorio Y. Zara award in basic research (1976), Rizal Pro Patria award for outstanding achievement in science (biochemical genetics) (1981), and UP Professorial achievement award in agriculture (1985).

National Scientist - NAST The two-volume books entitled “Field Guide and Atlas of the Seaweed Resources of the Philippines” are the most authoritative books on the seaweed floral resources of the country today.

Members - NAST Dr. Cabrera has more than a hundred scientific publications concerning medical parasitology and public health. For his work on filariasis, Dr. Cabrera received the Philippine Legion of …

National Scientist - NAST Dr. Alzona has the distinction of the first woman Ph.D. in the Philippines. She has practically received every distinguished award the country can bestow upon her: Apolinario Mabini Centennial Award (1964), Rizal Centennial Award (1961), Republic Cultural Heritage Award for historical writing (1966) and Rizal Pro Patria Medal of the Republic of the Philippines (1971).

National Scientist - NAST Dr. Teodulo M. Topacio is recognized for his significant scientific contributions to the studies and improvement of animal production and animal health in the country.

National Scientist - NAST In recognition of his contributions to economics, Dr. Encarnacion is recipient of several awards notably: Distinguished Scholar award from the University of the Philippines (1968), Philippine's Ten Outstanding Young Men Award (1963) and Miguel Cuaderno Chair in political economy, since 1969.

National Scientist - NAST His exhausting studies on the epidemiology of cholera, typhoid, dysentery, measles, and diphtheria led to the control of these diseases in the country.

National Scientist - NAST Considered as a radical historian, Prof. Agoncillo had been a major influence in Philippine historiography, which reflects the Filipino point of view, from the beginnings when it was largely unpopular, to the present when it is now integral with Filipino writing of history.

National Scientist - NAST Honors and Awards Received: 1992 - Special U.P. President Awards for Distinguished Scholarship in Political Science, History and Economics; 1995 - National Social Scientist Award - …

National Scientist - NAST Currently, he is the Coordinator of the Philippines/Southeast Asia Center of Excellence of the Coral Reef Targeted Research Program of the Global Environment Facility and World Bank (GEF/WB) and Principal Investigator in two international projects on coral reef restoration and remediation.

National Scientist - NAST Three most significant contributions to Philippine science and society: Led in the research on amphibians and reptiles to discover some 50 new species, hence projected the Philippines as center of the world’s biodiversity.At the same time, increased the awareness of our people to the importance of biodiversity in tropical rainforests in stabilizing the environment.

National Scientist - NAST Dr. Castillo's publications are major and definitive works on Philippine agricultural and rural development. Her book All in a Grain of Rice is the first book written by …

National Scientist - NAST As scientist, Dr. Salcedo contributed immensely to the areas of biochemistry, nutrition, physiology. As science administrator to science policy development, science promotion and scientific manpower development, he has published 265 works and researches in Philippine and foreign science journals.

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