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Home - INSPIRE INSPIRE is the leading information platform for High Energy Physics (HEP) literature which provides users with high quality, curated content covering the entire corpus of HEP literature, authors, data, jobs, conferences, institutions and experiments.

Jobs Search - INSPIRE Jobs in High-Energy Physics. A listing of academic and research jobs of interest to the community in high energy physics, nuclear physics, accelerator physics and astrophysics.

Li Li - INSPIRE 李理. Beijing, Inst. Theor. Phys.. gr-qc and hep-th. New class of exact solutions to Einstein-Maxwell-dilaton theory on four-dimensional Bianchi type IX geometry

Hongxi Xing - INSPIRE 邢宏喜. South China Normal U.. hep-ph and nucl-th. Vector-boson-tagged jet production in heavy ion collisions at energies available at the CERN Large Hadron Collider

Sanjit Shashi - INSPIRE Mar 20, 2021  · Islands and complexity of eternal black hole and radiation subsystems for a doubly holographic model

Zhenbin Yang - INSPIRE Mar 20, 2021  · Stanford U.. hep-th and gr-qc. Islands and complexity of eternal black hole and radiation subsystems for a doubly holographic model

Tower Wang - INSPIRE East China Normal U.. astro-ph and gr-qc and hep-ph and hep-th

Ellis Ye Yuan - INSPIRE 袁野. Zhejiang U., Inst. Mod. Phys.. hep-th. Scattering Equations and Matrices: From Einstein To Yang-Mills, DBI and NLSM

Carlos A.R. Herdeiro - INSPIRE Asymptotically flat, spherical, self-interacting scalar, Dirac and Proca stars

Hardik Bohra - INSPIRE Mar 20, 2021  · The Cosmological OTOC: Formulating new cosmological micro-canonical correlation functions for random chaotic fluctuations in Out-of-Equilibrium Quantum Statistical Field Theory

Citation metrics – INSPIRE help Mar 30, 2020  · These are descriptions of (and information about) the citation metrics available in Invenio. You can find these metrics by clicking the toggle next to the sorting options at the top of any HEP Literature search or author profile page.

Muneto Nitta - INSPIRE 新田 宗土. Keio U.. cond-mat and hep-ph and hep-th and nlin and math-ph and quant-ph

Yuji Tachikawa - INSPIRE 立川 裕二. Tokyo U., IPMU. hep-th. Theory space of one unitary matrix model and its critical behavior associated with Argyres-Douglas theory

Spin-induced scalarized black holes - INSPIRE It was recently shown that a scalar field suitably coupled to the Gauss-Bonnet invariant G can undergo a spin-induced linear tachyonic instability near a Kerr black hole.

Production of the $\rho$(770)${^{0}}$ meson in pp and Pb ... May 11, 2018  · The production of the ρ(770)0 meson has been measured at midrapidity (|y|<0.5) in pp and centrality differential Pb-Pb collisions at sNN= 2.76 …

Weak and Electromagnetic Interactions - INSPIRE Phys.Lett. 13 (1964) 168-171, Also in *Ali, A. (ed.) et al.: Selected papers of Abdus Salam* 210-213, ; Also in *Lai, C.H. (ed.): Gauge theory of weak and ...

FAQ – INSPIRE help Mar 04, 2020  · Q. I lost many citations. Can you fix it? Given our limited resources, we can’t manually inspect and fix all errors. However, we realize that having accurate citation counts that can be trusted by the community is a crucial feature.

Zur Quantentheorie der Strahlung - INSPIRE 3S hν c 2 pnBm n e - n kT ρ (25) Results In order now to show that the momenta transferred from the radiation to the molecule according to our basic hypotheses never disturb the thermodynamic equilibrium, we need only introduce the values for ∆2 τ and R calculated in (25) and (21) respectively after the quantity ρ - (1 /3) ν ∂ρ ∂ν 1 - e - hν kT in (21) is replaced by ρhν 3RT from

Low-Scale Leptogenesis in the Scotogenic Neutrino Mass ... Apr 25, 2018  · The scotogenic model proposed by Ernest Ma represents an attractive and minimal example for the generation of small Standard Model neutrino masses via …

Wei Li - INSPIRE 李微. Beijing, Inst. Theor. Phys.. cond-mat and gr-qc and hep-th and quant-ph

An Algorithm for the Machine Calculation of Complex ... An Algorithm for the Machine Calculation of Complex Fourier Series. James W. Cooley. IBM Watson Res. Ctr. and Bell Labs and ; Princeton U.),

Particle Creation by Black Holes - INSPIRE In the classical theory black holes can only absorb and not emit particles. However it is shown that quantum mechanical effects cause black holes to create and emit particles as if they were hot bodies with temperature h κ 2 π k ≈ 1 0 − 6 (M ⊙ M) ∘ K \frac{{h\kappa }}{{2\pi k}} \approx 10^{ - 6} \left( {\frac{{M_ \odot }}{M}} \right){}^ \circ K 2 π k h κ ≈ 1 0 − 6 (M M ...

Improved constraints on neutrino mixing from the T2K ... Jan 11, 2021  · The T2K experiment reports updated measurements of neutrino and antineutrino oscillations using both appearance and disappearance channels. This result comes...

Singular Geometry and Higgs Bundles in String Theory - INSPIRE Oct 23, 2017  · This brief survey aims to set the stage and summarize some of the ideas under discussion at the Workshop on Singular Geometry and Higgs Bundles in String Theory, to be held at the American Institute of Mathematics from October 30th to November 3rd, 2017.

Gerardus 't Hooft - INSPIRE Utrecht U.. gr-qc and hep-th and quant-ph. Panel Discussion, “The Duel”: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of Gravity and Information

Literature Search - INSPIRE Find articles, conference papers, proceedings, books, theses, reviews, lectures and reports in High Energy Physics

Precision Measurement of Neutrino Oscillation Parameters ... The KamLAND experiment has determined a precise value for the neutrino oscillation parameter $\Delta m^{2}_{21}$ and stringent constraints on $\theta_{12}$. ...

The Inflationary Universe: A Possible Solution to the ... The standard model of hot big-bang cosmology requires initial conditions which are problematic in two ways: (1) The early universe is assumed to be highly homogeneous, in spite of the fact that separated regions were causally disconnected (horizon problem); and (2) the initial value of the Hubble constant must be fine tuned to extraordinary accuracy to produce a universe as flat (i.e., near ...

Neutrinos from the primary proton–proton fusion process in ... Aug 27, 2014  · In the core of the Sun, energy is released through sequences of nuclear reactions that convert hydrogen into helium. The primary reaction is thought to be the fusion of two protons with the emission of a low-energy neutrino.

Quantum Detection using Magnetic Avalanches in Single ... Feb 21, 2020  · The detection of a single quantum of energy with high efficiency and low false positive rate is of considerable scientific interest, from serving as single quantum sensors of optical and infra-red photons to enabling the direct detection of low-mass dark matter.

Centrality and pseudorapidity dependence of the charged ... May 11, 2018  · In this Letter, the ALICE Collaboration presents the first measurements of the charged-particle multiplicity density, dNch/dη , and total charged-particle multiplicity, Nchtot , in Xe–Xe collisions at a centre-of-mass energy per nucleon–nucleon pair of sNN=5.44TeV .

Conferences Search - INSPIRE Find conferences in High Energy Physics. 15th International Symposium on Radiative Corrections: Applications of Quantum Field Theory to Phenomenology AND LoopFest XIX: Workshop on Radiative Corrections for the LHC and Future Colliders (Radcor and LoopFest 2021)

How to search for papers in INSPIRE – INSPIRE help Find conferences in High Energy Physics. 15th International Symposium on Radiative Corrections: Applications of Quantum Field Theory to Phenomenology AND LoopFest XIX: Workshop on Radiative Corrections for the LHC and Future Colliders (Radcor and LoopFest 2021)

About INSPIRE – INSPIRE help Mar 04, 2020  · INSPIRE ( is a trusted community hub that helps researchers to share and find accurate scholarly information in high energy physics.It serves ...

INSPIRE-HEP Blog – News and updates from INSPIRE – the ... Following the recent release of INSPIRE seminars, we are continuously working on improving their integration with the INSPIRE content.. Author’s seminars. In addition to papers, the author profile is expanded to include the author’s seminars, under the “Seminars” tab.

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