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Loganayagam R | ICTS

Www.icts.res.in Research interests: String theory, Black hole physics and Quantum field theory with a focus on real time, finite temperature quantum field theory. Teaching : [Open Quantum Systems]: with Manas Kulkarni (Jan-May 2017)Reading Courses : [Classical Gauge Theory] : Reading course (Aug-Dec 2017) [Perturbative String Theory] : Reading course (Aug-Dec 2016, Jan-May 2017)

Bala Iyer | ICTS

Www.icts.res.in Research Interests: My principal research interest over the last two decades relate to the computation of high accuracy gravitational waveforms for inspiralling compact binaries (ICB) of neutron stars and black holes using multipolar post Minkowskian methods.

Rukmini Dey | ICTS

Icts.res.in Academic profile: April 2015 onwards: Faculty at I.C.T.S; 2004- March 2015: Faculty at Harish-Chandra Research Institute; July 2003- Dec 2004:Faculty at I.I.T. Kanpur (on lien from HRI)

Holiday List 2021 | ICTS

Www.icts.res.in *If the dates of any of these festivals are changed by the Karnataka Government, it will be deemed to be holiday for the Centre. > Holiday list-2020 > Holiday list-2019 > Holiday list-2018

Symmetries of Nature and Nature of Symmetries (ONLINE) | ICTS

Www.icts.res.in Abstract:- Symmetries in geometrical shapes and objects have fascinated us since the beginning of the intellectual explorations, including poet William Blake talking about the …

Nitin Nitsure | ICTS

Icts.res.in Research Interests: I am an algebraic geometer, specializing in the theory of vector bundles and related objects, and their moduli spaces. I have a construction of the moduli spaces for Hitchin pairs, logarithmic connections and D modules, and recently also for rank 2 unstable bundles on curves.

Mathematics | ICTS

Www.icts.res.in The main idea of the mathematics unit is to develop research that draws inspiration from and connects to different mathematical disciplines and also to encourage collaborations with scientists in areas such as biology, physics, social sciences, earth sciences, computer science, and many others, thus making it an integral part of the scientific ecosystem within ICTS.

Current and Upcoming | ICTS

Www.icts.res.in Error message. Notice: Undefined index: body in include() (line 91 of /home/it/www/www-icts/sites/all/themes/riley/templates/views/upcoming-event/views-view-fields ...

Announcements | ICTS

Www.icts.res.in Applications are invited for the ICTS - Long Term Visiting Students Program - 2021more

Astrophysical Relativity | ICTS

Www.icts.res.in Research of the Astrophysical Relativity group at ICTS broadly concerns with the astrophysical applications of Albert Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity.

Lecture notes on random walks and semiflexible polymers ...

Home.icts.res.in 1 Random walks 1.1 Random walk in one-dimension One-dimensional random walk: Consider a walker on a one dimensional lattice. At every time step the walker tosses an unbiased coin and moves to the left if its a head and to the right if its a

Reports | ICTS

Icts.res.in The research and academic activities of the faculty are highlighted in the biennial activity reports. The activity reports also describe the programs organized and the outreach activities undertaken by …

Cosmology - The Next Decade | ICTS

Www.icts.res.in The great observational progress in cosmology has revealed some very intriguing puzzles, the most important of which are the existence of new mysterious components of …

User account | ICTS

Register.icts.res.in A valid e-mail address. All e-mails from the system will be sent to this address. The e-mail address is not made public and will only be used if you wish to receive a new password or wish to receive certain news or notifications by e-mail.

Non Academic Staff | ICTS

Www.icts.res.in The faculty members carry out cutting-edge research, provide intellectual leadership, define research directions for theoretical sciences, and provide the basis for a …

Amit Apte | ICTS

Icts.res.in Current Vita (Feb 2021) Academic Profile: 2013 - present: Faculty at ICTS-TIFR; 2007-2013: Faculty at TIFR Centre for Applicable Mathematics, Bangalore

Spenta R. Wadia | ICTS

Icts.res.in Spenta Wadia’s main research interests are in quantum field theory, statistical mechanics, string theory and quantum gravity. There is considerable overlap of these areas in …

Srikanth Pai | ICTS

Icts.res.in I have a B.Tech( Electronics and Communication) from NIT Surathkal. After that I earned my Masters and Ph.D in communication engineering. I have switched to physics.

Graduate studies in Physical Sciences | ICTS

Www.icts.res.in ADMISSIONS. All applicants are required to appear for national level entrance tests (TIFR graduate studies admission test, JEST, GATE, UGC/CSIR test for …

The role of submesoscale coherent structures in vertical ...

Www.icts.res.in Jan 30, 2021  · The coherent structures such as vortex filaments and eddies are crucial features of submesoscale (0.1 km - 10 km) dynamics and play a significant role in vertical transport.

String Theory and Quantum Gravity | ICTS

Www.icts.res.in String theory is a framework to build models of quantum gravity. The string theory group at the International Centre for Theoretical Sciences focuses on a particularly interesting aspect of this field called the AdS/CFT correspondence.

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