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Open Network Automation Platform — onap master documentation Open Network Automation Platform¶. Open Network Automation Platform (ONAP) is an open source project hosted by the Linux Foundation. ONAP provides a comprehensive platform for real-time, policy-driven service orchestration and automation.

Setting Up ONAP — onap master documentation Setting Up ONAP¶. ONAP is deployed using the ONAP Operations Manager (OOM). The recommended ONAP deployment can be deployed on a private set of physical hosts or VMs (or even a combination of the two) and is based on Kubernetes, Docker containers and Helm installer.

ONAP Operations Manager Project — onap master documentation In summary OOM provides the following capabilities: Deploy - with built-in component dependency management. Configure - unified configuration across all ONAP components. Monitor - real-time health monitoring feeding to a Consul UI and Kubernetes. Heal- failed ONAP containers are recreated automatically. Scale - cluster ONAP services to enable seamless scaling ...

Offered APIs — onap master documentation serviceInventory¶. This API is based from TMF638 serviceInventory. Only high level information is provided - Swagger is documented. This API retrieves service(s) in the A&AI inventory. Only following attributes will be retrieve in service inventory: id, name, state and type GET Service Inventory (list)

SO - Architecture — onap master documentation Request DB. Tracks open and completed requests. SO Catalog. SO view of the SDC Catalog. service and resource models, recipes, and templates. Populated via …

ONAP on HA Kubernetes Cluster — onap master documentation ONAP on HA Kubernetes Cluster¶. This guide provides instructions on how to setup a Highly-Available Kubernetes Cluster. For this, we are hosting our cluster on OpenStack VMs and using the Rancher Kubernetes Engine (RKE) to deploy and manage our Kubernetes Cluster.

8.4. TOSCA model — onap master documentation 8.4. TOSCA model¶ 8.4.1. Table D1. ONAP Resource DM TOSCA/YAML constructs¶. Standard TOSCA/YAML definitions agreed by VNF SDK Modeling team to be used by VNF vendors to create a standard VNF descriptor.

E2E Network Slicing Use Case — onap master documentation Overall Blueprint ¶. The objective of this use case is to realize End-to-End 5G Network Slicing using ONAP. An End-to-End Network Slice consists of RAN (Radio Access Network), Transport Network (TN) and Core Network (CN) slice sub-nets.

Developer Guide — onap master documentation Pre-requisites¶. Python3 & pip. MariaDB. Etsicatalog can run standalone. However, if you want to try the whole functionality, you should have other components like SDC, DMaap(Non-mandatory), MSB(Non-mandatory) running.

VID Documentation — onap master documentation Read the Docs v: latest . Versions latest stable guilin frankfurt Downloads html On Read the Docs Project Home

Tests — onap master documentation There are 2 main families of smoke tests: RobotFramework based tests, usually run from inside the cluster as a k8s job. Pythonsdk based tests. These tests (also known as onaptests) are consuming several SDKs: the Openstack and Kubernetes SDK for the management of the cloud resources and the python ONAP SDK for the interactions with ONAP

vCPE Use Case — onap master documentation Description¶. vCPE use case is based on Network Enhanced Residential Gateway architecture specified in Technical Report 317 (TR-317), which defines how service providers deploy residential broadband services like High Speed Internet Access.

Offered APIs — master branch documentation serviceOrder¶. This API is based from TMF641 serviceOrder. Only high level information is provided - Swagger is documented. It is possible to use POST operation to create new serviceOrder in NBI and triggers service provisioning. GET operation is also available to retrieve one service order by providing id or a list of service order.

Policy/CLAMP - Control Loop Automation Management Platform ... Apr 01, 2021  · Policy/Clamp in ONAP Architecture¶. CLAMP platform has been integrated into the Policy framework project, starting as a POC during Honolulu release and as …

Configuration — onap master documentation Configuration¶. VES expects to be able to fetch configuration directly from consul service in following JSON format: During ONAP OOM/Kubernetes deployment this configuration is created from VES Cloudify blueprint.

VES Architecture — onap master documentation VES Processing Flow¶. Collector supports different URI based on single or batch event to be received. Post authentication – events are validated against schema.

VES Architecture — master branch documentation VES Schema Validation¶. VES Collector is configured to support below VES Version; the corresponding API uses VES schema definition for event validation.

7.2. VNF and PNF On-boarding and package management — onap ... 7.2.1. Design Definition¶. The ONAP Design Time Framework provides the ability to design NFV resources including VNFs, Services, and products. The VNF provider must provide VNF packages that include a rich set of recipes, management and functional interfaces, policies, configuration parameters, and infrastructure requirements that can be utilized by the ONAP Design module to onboard and ...

ONAP Portal for Users — onap master documentation ONAP Portal for Users¶ General¶. The ONAP Portal platform integrates different ONAP applications into a central core. The Portal platform provides common management services and connectivity, while the applications run separately.

Guilin Release Notes — onap master documentation CNF, VNF and PNF integration¶. Guilin contains a large number of new features classified into design time, run time, and ONAP operations to optimize the self-serve control loop and dashboard, make it easier to reuse existing models, make xNF pre-onboarding and onboarding easier, speed up UI development, and more.

Installation — onap master documentation version: '3' services: bbs-event-processor: image: onap/ container_name: bbs-event-processor hostname: bbs-event-processor ports:-32100:8100 environment: CONFIGS_DMAAP_CONSUMER_RE-REGISTRATION_DMAAPHOSTNAME: CONFIGS_DMAAP_CONSUMER_RE-REGISTRATION_DMAAPPORTNUMBER: …

Architecture — onap master documentation Architecture¶ Capabilities¶. Message Router is a RESTful web service used for any needed action with Kaka. Usage Scenarios¶. Message Router endpoints are used to create/view/delete a topic in Kafka.

Onboarding Package Types — master branch documentation ETSI SOL004 Tosca CSAR Package¶. The ETSI SOL004 Tosca CSAR Package is a zip archive with a .csar extension. The structure of the supported CSAR package is as described in ETSI NFV-SOL 004v2.6.1 csar structure option 1 i.e. CSAR containing a TOSCA-Metadata directory.. The supported descriptor included in the package is aligned to ETSI NFV-SOL 001v2.5.1

8.2. Ansible JSON Key Value Description — onap master ... 8.2. Ansible JSON Key Value Description¶. The following provides the key value pairs that must be contained in the JSON file supporting APPC/SDN-C Ansible action.

8.61. Service: VES Event Listener 7.2.1 — onap master ... 8.61.1. Introduction ¶. This document describes the RESTful interface for the VES Event Listener. The VES acronym originally stood for Virtual-function Event Streaming, but VES has been generalized to support network-function event streaming, whether virtualized or not.

DMaaP Data Router API — onap master documentation DMaaP Data Router API¶. The API Provisioning Model. The DMaaP Data Router (DR) provisioning API defines two resource types - the feed and the subscription, each with JSON representations.

CPS Documentation for the Honolulu-R8 Release — onap ... CPS Documentation for the Honolulu-R8 Release¶. CPS Overview; CPS Architecture; CPS Design; CPS Modeling; Next

INTEGRATION — dublin documentation - ONAP Exploring the Rancher VM¶. The Rancher VM that is spun up by this HEAT template serves the following key roles: - Hosts the /dockerdata-nfs/ NFS export shared by all the k8s VMs for persistent volumes - git clones the oom repo into /root/oom - git clones the integration repo into /root/integration - Creates the helm override file at /root/integration-override.yaml - Deploys ONAP using helm ...

vFW/vDNS with HPA Tutorial: Setting Up and Configuration ... Aug 21, 2019  · Note: Use case can be run manually or using automation script (recommended) After completing steps 1 to 5 above, the use case can be set up either manually using step 6 to 21 below or using the hpa automation script in the integration repo. It can be found in this link.The automation script is not limited to the vFW use case, it can also be used for vDNS and should ideally work with other hpa ...

AAF - Application Authorization Framework — dublin ... AAF - Application Authorization Framework¶. AAF is designed to cover Fine-Grained Authorization, meaning that the Authorizations provided are able to used an Application’s detailed authorizations, such as whether a user may be on a particular page, or has access to a …

Blueprint Processor API Reference — onap master documentation Warning. In the used Sphinx plugin sphinxcontrib-swaggerdoc some information of the swagger file is not rendered completely, e.g. the request body. Use your favorite Swagger Editor and paste the swagger file to get a complete view of the API reference, e.g. on

1. VNF/PNF Guidelines — onap master documentation 1.3.2. Audience ¶. The industry transformation associated with softwarization 1 results in a number of changes in traditional approaches for industry collaboration. Changes from hardware to software, from waterfall to agile processes and the emergence of industry supported open source communities imply corresponding changes in processes at many industry collaboration bodies.

8.8. Service: VES Event Listener 5.4.1 — onap master ... 8.9. Introduction ¶. This document describes the RESTful interface for the VES (Virtual function Event Streaming) Event Listener. The VES Event Listener is capable of receiving any event sent in the VES Common Event Format.

Policy OOF HPA — onap master documentation Background ¶. The OOF(ONAP Optimization Framework) retrieves applicable constraints and objective functions as policies from the policy platform. These policies are retrieved at runtime, thus allowing an operator to change policies as and when needed.

SDNC Release Notes — onap master documentation New features¶. The SDNC Frankfurt release includes the following features: ORAN-compliant A1 adaptor (Jira SDNC-965); Multi-Domain Optical Service (Jira SDNC-928); Python 2 -> Python 3 migration (Jira SDNC-967); Upgrade to new Policy lifecycle API (Jira SDNC-968); For the complete list of SDNC Frankfurt release epics and SDNC Frankfurt release user stories, please see the ONAP Jira.

Logging — onap master documentation Changing log level¶. SDC uses logback for logging. In order to change the level you will need to access the docker. Update the logback.xml inside the docker according to your need - the change does not require a restart of the docker.

AAF - Application Authorization Framework — master branch ... AAF - Application Authorization Framework¶. AAF is designed to cover Fine-Grained Authorization, meaning that the Authorizations provided are able to used an Application’s detailed authorizations, such as whether a user may be on a particular page, or has access to a …

Converting to RST — dublin documentation - ONAP Aug 21, 2019  · Converting¶. Using a terminal, navigate to the directory containing the documents you wish to convert. Next, issue the following command for each file you’d like to convert:

CLAMP - Control Loop Automation Management Platform — onap ... Clamp in ONAP Architecture¶. CLAMP is a platform for designing and managing control loops. It is used to visualize a control loop, configure it with specific parameters for a particular network service, then deploying and undeploying it.

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